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Ants AmeriGuard Exterminating is dedicated to providing our customers Fast, Effective and Affordable Termite and Pest Control Solutions, while Providing the highest quality service and professionalism in the industry

Infestations need to be properly diagnosed and treated or the problem will keep returning. It takes specially trained people to recognize the symptoms and prescribe the proper cure.

We believe that Protecting your homes health should be as important as protecting you and your families Health.

AmeriGuard specializes in personal service and our highly trained staff is dedicated to solving your Termite and Pest problem. Our services are proven to be highly effective and competitively priced.

So, whether you are interested in Preventing Termites or Pest Problems in your home or if you need to Control them, we have programs that will fit your needs and budget.

AmeriGuard Extermination is licensed in Maryland. MDA License # 26929


how man services do i have to take?

- Studies have shown that most re-infesting insects can be effectively controlled through a series of population reduction applications. How many depends on the infestation, the population and the size of the home.

What if i need treatment between the regularly scheduled quarterly services? or what if i want the inside treated on the regular scheduled exterior visit?

- Any treatments needed between the scheduled visits are provided at no additional cost. In most cases we can respond to any warranty call within 24-48 hours. Anytime you need the interior treated, all you need to do is ask your service professional or give the office a call.

are the products safe?

- AmeriGuard Extermination only uses EPA approved products that have been thoroughly tested and considered safe when applied according to the product label. Our goal is to eliminate or control your Pest or Termite problem in a Safe, Fast, Effective, and Affordable manor. Please note that there is no such thing as a Quote, Unquote “Safe Pesticide” all Pesticides can potentially pose risks even so called Natural or Organic Products pose risks. That is why it is so important to use a highly trained Pest Control Professional that uses EPA approved products like AmeriGuard Extermination does.